5 small business ideas for teenagers who want to make money in 2022

Most of our youth have been asking question like how do i make money? I dont want to depend on my parent well here are 5 business ideas you should know.

You can earn while solving people’s problems and meeting their needs. Sometimes, teenagers want a business in order to make impact, meet people’s needs and sell solutions to them at a price. It also gives them a sense of responsibility. You know the feeling, right? The feeling of using money that’s yours without having to depend on someone to meet a need, especially an urgent one.

1. Logo designer

You don’t need to be a talented artist that can draw to be a logo designer. Being a logo designer means that you get to create logos for business ventures. You can create logos for your peers who are looking to start with a small business idea. You could work for family friends that would love to build a brand from the scratch or give their business an appealing outlook.

If you’re interested in this idea, there are resources everywhere to put you through. There’s YouTube, Google, and other social media where you can learn for free. You can also learn from someone you trust to teach you about the job.

There are several opportunities all over the internet, look out for the ones you can do and shoot your shot.

Remember to give it time while learning. Practise, get better on the job and start earning substantially from it.


2.Phone accessories

By speculation, 90 out of 100 people own a phone and could need accessories at any point in time. Someone’s phone might need a new case, charger, new earphones, battery, power bank. You’d be getting them what they need and also getting paid for it. You could also offer repair services by the side.

You know that your friend who cannot bear to see a scratch on their phone’s screen guard, you can sell screen guard to them. You see a stranger in the public who doesn’t have one side of his/ her earphones working, you can also sell to him.  Let people know what you ‘re doing. Cease every opportunity you get to sell yourself. In fact, create opportunities too.

If you look closely, there are people who need the thing you’re selling. There are people who need the services you’re offering. Just look around, observe attentively, and work smartly with the information

3.Deodorant sales

Selling deodorants is one small business idea that has what it takes to sell. More than ever before, the society is aware of the importance of getting rid of body odour. Nobody would like to be tagged as someone who smells horribly. Therefore perfume oils, antiperspirant, perfumes, and body spray become a need.

Ever heard the popular saying, it doesn’t cost a fortune to smell nice? people are looking for that vendor who would sell quality to them at an affordable price. Now, the question is, ‘Are you ready to embrace this small business idea, and be that person your customer is looking for?’

4. Sales of thrift wears

One of the basic necessities of life is clothing. People cannot do without wearing clothes. So, it’s possible for you to make sales.


With this small business idea, you can sell quality clothes at a cheap price. The good side to this is that you can have variety of things to sell under this category.

You can also sell some clothes that trending per time. People love to follow trends. You could also sell accompaniments like belts, and simple accessories like buttons.

Do one-on-one  advertisement or sell your wears to people via social media.

5.Complimentary cards

If you know how to design or know how to make complimentary cards, then why not? People would always celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, their friends, and any other thing worth celebrating.

If you can’t design them, you could buy to resell or work hand-in-hand with a designer.

Although there are many ideas but this are just small idea to make you busy or have something to do and also earning from it.

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