List of the Top 5 Internet Scamming Countries in the World

List of the Top 10 Internet Scamming Countries in the World – Internet scam has become a frequent topic these days on the international market, with millions of people falling prey to various scams and fraud. As technology continues to develop we tend to incorporate it into our daily activities including business transactions. And the largest market in the world were millions of transactions take place daily is the international market. However, while trading in the international market, there are some things you need to be wary of.WAEC Result

We took a survey of the 10 most scamming countries in the world, and this is what we found

1.    Nigeria

On top of our list is Nigeria, the African giant in West Africa with a strong record of internet scams and fraud. Internet scams in Nigeria are not only targeted at international clients and transactions bit also on local targets within the country. If you make several transactions to Nigeria, or with Nigerian clients you will most likely encounter a scam here or there.

2.    India

India is second on our list. It is said that, you can’t visit India without encountering a scam, or finding someone trying to defraud you. Even the taxi driver will try their best to scam you as much as they can, if you don’t know your way around there. There are several scamming techniques employed in India, so me careful as you carry your transactions.

3.    China

The Chinese are known as one of the world’s most brilliant people, now imagine some of those minds being involved in internet scams. Scary right? China employs several methods to deceive and scam their victims. One of the most frequent type of scam in China is college entrance fee, Trojan virus, and blackmails.

4.    Brazil

Brazil is another country with a huge rate of scam activities. There have been many cases of impersonation, pickpocketing, currency exchange and even kidnappings. Always be security conscious when you’re in Brazil.

5.    Pakistan

There have been many reports of internet scams and frauds in Pakistan. Scammers here use high-ranking officials to disguise as military personnel on various online platforms. They steal photos and videos from social media accounts of there’s officials, and use their identities to fool others

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