Regina Daniels’ brother, Sammy, under fire over internet fraud annotation

Sammy West, a brother to Nollywood star Regina Daniels, has received heavy criticism after making a case for why people go into internet fraud known in some quarters as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’.

“Yahoo yahoo” is a financial crime mainly carried out on the cyberspace by some Nigerian youths commonly referred to as “Yahoo Boys”.

For some weeks now, the social media sphere has been rife with the debate of whether the cybercrime is an actual crime.

Sammy aired his view about the topic in a tweet captured on his Instagram story, where he argued that the harsh economic climate in Nigeria forced a lot of people into internet fraud.

He wrote;

Tbh, what is yahoo compared to government looting? Have you ever thought of what the country would be like if there was no means to survive? Police go resign from force, In fact every force personnel go resign. It’d be a war zone with robbery & kidnap, so y’al should be greatful


Angry fans took to social media, lambasted Sammy for glorifying what is wrong in society.


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