“Not Everything Is Yahoo”: Transformation Photos of Nigerian Who Used To Work As Cleaner, Security Man

A young hardworking man has shown people the many jobs he did before he got to where he presently is

Among the different works he engaged in was being a graphic designer, security man, and a dancer

Many people who reacted to his video said that he really deserves where he is now with the struggles he had faced

A young Nigerian man with the TikTok handle @successcloud has shared a video that documented all the struggles he has been through.

The clip has his throwback photos of when he was a security man, dancer, and graphic designer, all in an effort to make it.

Hard work pays

He added that not every success should be attributed to yahoo (fraud) as he advised people to hustle hard to achieve their dreams.

The young man’s transformation photos were so amazing that many were wowed at how things turned better for him.

At the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 100 comments with thousands of likes.

some of the reactions below:

“Omor u do all the work for this life.”

“Wow, when I see all this post it keeps me pushing. I start hustling at the age of 16 I believe I will make my mom proud.”

He replied:

“yes dear. keep on pushing… enjoy the process and result will definetly come in time. that’s the law of the universe.”

“omoh on gad…i love this.”

Vhikhi said:

“Awwwwwwww I tap into this energy.”

“Thanks for the encouragement.”

Ree said:

“Bn a long time coming bro, God is good.”

Man worked hard, climbed mast

Meanwhile, we earlier reported that a young Nigerian man who works as an engineer shared a video of himself at work.

He said that watching the clip will make people realise why he does not spend anyhow. In the video, the man who was wearing a helmet and a work overall climbed a very tall mast as he took steps gently.

He stated that he is not stingy with money as some would think but that his spending habit only reflects how hard earning a living for him is.

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