SCHOOL: Lagos state university LASU Mop up examination for external students

LASU Mop up examination
LASU Mop up examination
LASU Mop up examination
LASU Mop up examination

Lagos state university LASU has publish a step and mop up exam to be taken by external student who are still undergraduate to participate in the online Mop up exam

The management of the Lagos State University LASU has approved a process for the FINAL WINDING DOWN of the LASU External System (LASUES).

Please note that the LASUES is a separate entity and NOT the same as the LASU PART-TIME STUDY.

Therefore member of the general public are advise to hurry up and Register before the deadline on 31st August 2022

However, due to several appeals for the reopening of the portal by students who were yet to partake in the exercise, the University Management has miraculously directed the immediate reopening of the portal for the final time, until 30th October, 2022 as no appeal with will granted anymore.

In other to partake on the following exam all students are to follow this few steps to register so as to ease them participate in the following mop up exam.

1. Interested student are to visit the school mean website and click on

2. After successfully login enter matriculation number and click submit

3. Next is to click on make payments for the mop up examination

4. After a successful payment, navigate back to the login page and login again (as in step 1)

5. The LASUES Student Details Dashboard contains student details and outstanding course(s). Verify that the displayed details are correct about you and then click the “take examination” button.

6. On the Examination Portal, Click on “Exam Docket”.

7. Enter your Matriculation Number in the box provided and click on the submit button.

8. A docket is displayed on the success of step 7. The docket contains student outstanding courses and their availabilty. Student should note the “Exam Pin” on the docket as the pin will be required for the exams.

9. Click on the “Start Exam” icon on the left-side of the dashboard.

10. Read the requirements and instructions carefully. Enter your examination pin in the provided field and click the “Proceed button” to initate exam.

11. On the “Start Exam” Page, lists of student outstanding course(s) that are available and status (already sat for or Pending) are displayed. Click on “take exam” to seat for the selected exam


Also reach out to the school complaint channel for any complain or misinformation and get better understanding

Good luck to all students writing the exam

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